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Check & Credit Card Fraud

Aggressive Defense Against Check and Credit Card Fraud Charges

Credit card and check fraud are seen as white collar crimes, and can often be tied to the violation of federal law through mail fraud or wire fraud charges. Law enforcement officials throughout California are increasing their efforts to track down and prosecute individuals they believe are guilty of check or credit card fraud.

At Blumenthal Law Offices, our Riverside credit card fraud lawyers have the experience and record of success you want on your side when facing state or federal fraud charges. In addition to our experienced legal advocates, we also have on our team a private investigator, a certified fraud investigation specialist, and a former police officer.

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Defending Tough Fraud Charges

Check fraud often arises when someone alters the dollar amount on an already existing check or writes bad checks. Credit card fraud can include a variety of actions that are intended to defraud the credit card company, including:

  • Forgery
  • Use of someone else's card without that person's permission
  • Use of skimmers or other devices to create counterfeit cards

Regardless of which type of monetary fraud you are being charged with, you need to understand that what you are facing requires a complex, comprehensive defense strategy. Do not attempt to speak to law enforcement officials or represent yourself in plea negotiations without an experienced San Bernardino and Riverside criminal defense lawyer by your side. We have knowledge and experience fighting against state and federal charges; we know what we need to do to best protect your rights and future.

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