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3 Questions to Ask Your Defense Attorney

Posted By Blumenthal Law Offices || 24-Jan-2018

If you’re facing a criminal charge, you want the best criminal defense attorney on your side. However, your own support can help your case, as well – and you can take steps as a client to improve your odds of avoiding a conviction. Here are 3 essential questions you should ask your lawyer before your trial.

Question #1: Do You Have Everything You Need?

Your lawyer should be a meticulous individual, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure that he or she has obtained and reviewed every critical document concerning your case. Important documents can include police reports, witness statements, video and audio tapes, and other information gained through investigation and from the prosecution.

Question #2: What Should I Do?

There are steps you can take as a defendant that can dramatically lessen any potential sentence. For example, if you’re facing a drug charge, by enrolling in a drug treatment program, you might demonstrate a proactive attitude toward changing your habits. Ask your attorney if there are any actions you could take that would help the case.

Question #3: Are There Alternatives?

If the evidence supports a conviction and you want to avoid a standard jail sentence, ask your attorney whether you might be eligible for an alternative. For example, some defendants might get electronic home detention, entry into a Sheriff’s Work Program, or assigned community service. Likewise, probation may be an alternative if you’re eligible. Discuss your options with your representative.

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