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    "The team’s sense of urgency signaled to us the level of care and dedication it gives clients."

    Blumenthal Law came highly recommended to us when we were seeking legal counsel that could expertly, efficiently and tenaciously represent us in a very complicated case. Before we had left the office, Virginia and her team had solidified an action plan that put us at ease. The team’s sense of urgency signaled to us the level of care and dedication it gives clients. In the course of adjudication, we were kept informed at every turn. No surprises. It was such a relief to know our case was in the best hands possible. As longtime Riverside residents, we highly recommend Blumenthal Law to anyone needing the very best in criminal defense.

    "A highly respected attorney"

    Virginia Blumental's public record is simply outstanding - a highly respected attorney, a remarkably good citizen, and a superb RCCD Board member. She has indeed earned our support for re-election.

    Ronald L.
    "Spends an enormous amount of time giving back"

    Not only is she a battle-tough attorney from her years in our community's courtrooms, but she spends an enormous amount of time giving back to our community... She has really contributed back in a variety of community leadership positions, year, after year, after year.

    Stan S.
    "A great asset"

    Virginia Blumenthal is the type of elected official we need -- a sharp, practical, fiscally responsible leader who brings people together to get things done. She is a great asset to the Board of Trustees.

    Bill E.
    "Established herself as one of the strongest, most trusted leaders"

    Virginia's achievements on the RCCD board include fortifying local job training programs and boosting the academic profile of our community colleges. Over the years she has established herself as one of the strongest, most trusted leaders we have in Riverside County.

    Ken C.
    "Open, accessible, pragmatic, principled -- and very effective"

    I support Virginia based on her long record of outstanding service on the RCCD Board and throughout the community. She is open, accessible, pragmatic, principled -- and very effective.

    Debbi G.
    "Sharp and practical"

    She's very sharp and practical. She led the effort to save the symphony years ago when it was in very bad shape and was very effective in doing that.

    Marcia M.
    "My number one choice"

    Virginia Blumenthal is one of the most extremely talented Criminal Defense Attorneys I have ever known in my legal career. If I were in need of a defense attorney, she would be my number one choice.

    Jim T.
    "A true beacon in the legal profession"

    A wonderful and truly professional individual who supports the rights and needs of all she represents. A true beacon in the legal profession.

    Rob R.
    "Trustworthy and professional"

    The best in her field and with anything that Virginia gets involved with. Trustworthy and professional.

    Doris P.
    "Can't recommend her highly enough"

    Virginia is one hell of a defense attorney...can't recommend her highly enough.

    Susan M.
    "The top of her field"

    Very well known and trusted, in our community, for so many years! She's the top of her field!

    Eveie D.
    "Strong lady in the courtroom"

    Hard-working lady! Great supporter of RCC & other charities. Very strong lady in the courtroom and understands the law!

    Don K.
    "Loyal, trustworthy, professional and hard working"

    Virginia is loyal, trustworthy, professional and hard working.

    Diane C.
    "I would use this firm again if I ever needed legal help"

    This is an excellent law firm. Brent Romney was my attorney in a civil case that dragged on for almost a year because the other party never showed up. He was patient, thoughtful, met with the District Attorney many times. I never had to go to court. I would use this firm again if I ever needed legal help.

    Jane B.