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  • Avoid Sexual Misconduct Accusations at a Holiday Office Party

    || 20-Nov-2019

    Companies throughout the United States host holiday office parties to celebrate the season and another year of productivity. Most of these parties include delicious food, open bars, as well as a dance floor and a DJ. But in recent years, many companies have scaled back on such parties. While some have limited the number of drinks each person receives or held the event on a weekday, others have ...
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  • Statutory Rape in CA: Definition & Penalties

    || 20-Sep-2016

    “ Statutory rape ” is a somewhat generic term used to describe the illegal act of an adult engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 18. In the state of California, this crime is legally referred to as “unlawful sex with a minor” or “unlawful sexual intercourse.” Statutory rape is a crime regardless of whether or not the sex is consensual, as ...
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  • Being sent to prison, knowing that for a period of time that one will have to live behind bars, is traumatic in and of itself. If that wasn't bad enough, some inmates suffer further humiliation by being sexually assaulted at the hands of fellow inmates and prison guards. At times, such indignity is not adequately addressed or is ignored by prison officials, leaving an inmate to be a victim of ...
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  • California Rep. Dan Lungren (R) was instrumental in passing Megan's Law, which made information on sex offenders more accessible to the public. Rather than having to visit a police station, residents of California are now able to access online information on the residency, physical description and convictions of sex offenders. This helps some people to feel that they are more effectively ...
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  • Schwarzenegger Endorses Chelsea's Law

    || 6-Oct-2015

    On April 20, 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger endorsed California Assembly Bill 1844, named "Chelsea's Law," designed to strengthen criminal penalties for sexual offenders. The bill was introduced shortly after it was disclosed that John Albert Gardner III, who pled guilty in April 2010 to the brutal rape and murder of two San Diego teenagers, had been convicted in 2000 of molesting a ...
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