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Although it is a lesser charge than murder, manslaughter is an extremely serious crime. A conviction can result in a sentence of up to 11 years in prison.

If you have been charged with manslaughter, or if you were involved in any type of incident that involved the death of another person, please contact one of our experienced Riverside manslaughter defense attorneys at Blumenthal Law Offices as soon as possible.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and to review your options.

Defining Manslaughter

Following are the three main types of manslaughter and examples of actions that may result in these criminal charges:

  • Voluntary manslaughter — Can occur during a quarrel or in the heat of passion: You hit someone during an argument. He falls, hits his head on the curb, and later dies of a brain injury. Or, angry at a crying infant, you shake the baby to make him or quiet. The child dies of shaken baby syndrome.
  • Involuntary manslaughter — Involves negligence: While cleaning your gun, it goes off accidentally, killing a passerby. Or, while working on the roof of your friend's house, you accidentally bump him. He falls off the roof and dies.
  • Vehicular manslaughter — Negligence behind the wheel: While driving and talking on a cell phone, you strike and kill a pedestrian. Or, you are involved in a fatal accident while driving under the influence.

How We Can Help

The prosecution may charge that the death occurred because you displayed gross negligence, acted in the heat of passion, or without using due caution.

Our Riverside murder defense attorneys will work to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We will thoroughly investigate your case, call in appropriate experts, and explore all possible defense strategies.

Was the death caused by an accident? Were you defending yourself or a loved one against a real or perceived threat of harm? Were you provoked to action? We will closely examine the facts of the case, as well as your personal history, and construct a strong defense.

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