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CA Sex Offender Registry - Megan's Law 290 Violations

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Megan's Law is out of control. The law requires sex offenders to register their whereabouts with the state in a public registry. Originally designed to track the whereabouts of violent sex offenders, child molesters, and sexual predators, California's sex offender registration law now requires registration of those convicted of relatively minor offenses.

For example:

  • A man who relieves himself in public can be convicted of indecent exposure, labeled a sex offender, and be required to register with the state sex offender registry for the rest of his life.
  • A woman who flashes her breasts at a nightclub could become a registered sex offender if convicted of lewd conduct or indecent exposure.
  • A teenaged couple who have consensual sex can both be charged withstatutory rape and sentenced to register as sex offenders for life.

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The strict requirements are actually counterproductive. The law treats serial rapists the same as those who urinate by the side of the road. So sex offenders who truly pose a potential harm to the public are lost among all those on the registry for minor, so-called 290 violations.

Registered sex offenders have difficulty finding a job and a place to live. They won't be accepted into some colleges or other educational programs.

Because of Megan's Law, no sex offense is a minor crime. If you have been charged with any sex crime, from indecent exposure to soliciting a prostitute to rape, it is extremely important to speak to an experienced Riverside sex crime defense attorney.

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