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White-collar crimes typically refer to a type of crime committed by professionals using deception, as opposed to violent crimes that involve force. The attorneys of Blumenthal Law Offices have a long history of success defending clients in complicated state and federal white collar criminal cases.

Attorney Jeff G. Moore leads our white collar crime defense team. During his eight years as a Deputy District Attorney for Riverside County, he was assigned to the special prosecutions unit and focused on white collar crime. Our team also includes private investigator Dan Goldsmith, a certified fraud investigation specialist, and former police officer.

Our depth of specific knowledge and experience helps us win cases for clients charged with all types of white collar crime, including:

Our Riverside criminal defense lawyers argue and negotiate with the federal authorities about white collar crime charges on a daily basis, all over California. We routinely deal with the FBI, Criminal Division of the IRS (CID), Secret Service, DEA, Postal Service, ATF, and Customs. We also know how to interpret and apply the federal sentencing guidelines, and advise our clients of all of their options.

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