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Despite the recent slowdown in the real estate market, investors remain eager to get in on the potential for huge profits. Sky-high property values have encouraged a variety of types of real estate fraud.

Are you are a mortgage or real estate professional accused of participating in a real estate investment scheme? Are you a homebuyer charged with making false statements on a loan or credit application?

If you have been accused of any type of real estate fraud, it is important to retain a Riverside real estate fraud defense lawyer who understands sophisticated real estate transactions and lending practices.

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Proven Fraud Defense

Our real estate fraud defense attorneys have successfully defended clients charged with all types of real estate fraud, including:

  • Selling or leasing property that one does not own
  • Selling a property-secured investment, but failing to record the deed
  • Encumbering a property for more than $100,000
  • Using straw buyers to qualify for credit
  • Engaging in identity theft to qualify for credit

In Real Estate, Honest Mistakes are Easy to Make

Because real estate transactions are so complex, often people charged with real estate fraud are upstanding citizens who may have made honest mistakes.

Our legal team includes an investigator who is a certified fraud investigation specialist and an attorney who once prosecuted white collar crimes such as real estate fraud for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office.

We are well equipped to represent clients in the most sophisticated real estate investment fraud cases. Whether you are charged in state or federal court, we know how to find the holes in the prosecution's case and how to minimize the negative consequences to you.

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