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Simple Possession Charges

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You could be facing serious criminal penalties just for the act of possessing an illicit or controlled substance. Before what might have been a harmless act destroys your future and reputation through a conviction, contact our Riverside drug crime attorneys from Blumenthal Law Offices. Fronted by one of the most highly-recognized and accomplished criminal defense lawyers in California, Attorney Virginia Blumenthal, we can bring more than 100 years of combined experience to your case.

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Simple Possession in the Eyes of the Law

When you imagine a criminal act, you probably envision an act of violence or intentional wrongdoing. Simple drug possession charges can seem out-of-place or excessive because in many cases, nothing has to happen for you to be arrested for this crime, other than simply possessing an illegal drug.

You can be charged with simple possession if you:

  • Have an illegal drug on your person.
  • Have an illegal drug in your property (home or vehicle).
  • Have a legal drug possessed through illegal means.
  • Are given an illegal drug for momentary holding.

One of the key factors of simple possession charges is how much of an illicit substance is involved. If there is more than a “suspicious” amount – usually just a few ounces – your charges could be escalated to possession with intent.

Penalties for Simple Possession Charges in CA

By legal definition, someone who is holding an illegal drug but is only charged with simple possession showed no intent or interest in selling the substance, giving it to another, or stockpiling it. In some situations, there is also no clear intent to even use the drug. Despite the relatively harmless nature of drug possession, it can bring heavy legal consequences that can escalate depending on what type of drug was found.

A simple possession conviction may include a varying set of penalties, such as:

  • High fines
  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Rehabilitation

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