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Common Crimes During the Holidays

From festive gatherings with loved ones and travel plans to gift shopping and home decorating, the holidays are a joyous and busy time of year. On the other hand, the season is also associated with an increase in criminal activity. If you happen to make a mistake, not only does it put a damper on your holiday spirit, but it can also lead to criminal charges.

The following are some of the common crimes that happen during the holiday season:

  • Theft – Every year, the malls and stores are packed with holiday shoppers. Since shoplifters and pickpockets will try to steal merchandise and other valuables, stores often increase their security to prevent theft. Although many consumers do their shopping online and have their gifts delivered to their home, porch pirates will drive through neighborhoods to steal recently delivered packages that are left unattended. To combat this type of theft, homeowners have installed security cameras to record and identify suspected porch pirates. Lastly, when homeowners go on vacation and leave their homes empty for a long period of time, burglaries typically occur.
  • DUI – Holiday celebrations are often associated with alcohol consumption, which is why there is a rise in drunk driving arrests and accidents from Thanksgiving Even (or Black Wednesday) until New Year’s Day. In order to deter drunk driving and keep the roads safe, police departments throughout California and other states have increase the number of police officers patrolling the streets and set up DUI checkpoints on holidays and weekends. If you choose to have a few drinks or so at an event, avoid driving and find another way to get home safe.
  • Domestic violence – More contact with family and friends can cause tensions to run high, especially if there are unresolved issues amongst loved ones. This type of conflict often leads to domestic violence incidents and law enforcement intervention. If you are having trouble coping with a domestic situation during this time of year, seek professional help to resolve the issue.
  • Vandalism – Homeowners love to decorate their homes in order to get themselves and the neighborhood into the holiday spirit. However, these decorations can attract vandals pulling practical jokes. While vandalism is a misdemeanor offense, if the crime involves at least $400 worth of damage, then it could lead to a felony charge.

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