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Attorney Virginia M. Blumenthal Retained to Provide Defense for Casino Murder Case

Attorney Virginia M. Blumenthal of Blumenthal & Moore has been retained to provide defense in a high-profile murder case. She will be joining two other prominent lawyers hired to represent the women accused of murdering a California woman at a casino.

Background of the Case

On the morning of August 31, 2019, an 84-year-old Long Beach woman and her husband were dropped off at Pechanga Resort Casino near Temecula, CA. A half-hour later, around 8:00 am, police responded to a call saying that the woman was unconscious in a bathroom. She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she later died of her injuries.

During their investigation, law enforcement officers reviewed footage from the casino and saw two women go into the bathroom after the 84-year-old. They said after the two women exited, the Long Beach woman's purse was missing. The police later arrested the Moreno Valley women, and they have been charged with murder, robbery, and cruelty to an elder. If the District Attorney decides to pursue the maximum punishment for the alleged crimes, the women could be facing the death penalty.

Prominent Legal Defense Retained

The two women alleged to have committed the offenses have hired a powerhouse team to handle their defense. Attorneys for one of the women include New York-based lawyer Peter Ginsberg who has handled cases for famous athletes, including one of the women's brothers who is a forward for the Clippers.

Ginsberg told The Press-Enterprise that, upon being hired to handle the current case, the family asked him “to find the best, so [he] did.”

Ginsberg swooped up our very own Virginia Blumenthal to help with the defense. Attorney Blumenthal has practiced criminal defense for over 30 years and has also represented clients facing complex legal matters. Additionally, she hosts "The Verdict with Virginia" on 590AM.

Representing the other woman accused of murdering the 84-year-old is Attorney Richard V. Swanson of Riverside. He is a court-appointed lawyer with over 20 years of experience providing defense for clients facing various criminal charges, including murder and attempted murder.

According to reports, the 84-year-old suffered severe injury to her skull. A doctor said that the injury most likely was the result of an attack by someone over 6 feet tall. One of the women accused is 6' 2" and 320 pounds. Attorney Blumenthal told The Press-Enterprise that the doctor’s assessment "seems to be a little over the top."

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